Axosite Access Control

The first button box with built-in badge reader, created specifically for the safety and comfort of metal shutter users

La Toulousaine, market leader in Grilles and Shutters, adds a new concept of security to the reliability for which its products are already well-known.

Axosite, the next generation security innovation is the first card reader built into a button box.
This all-in-one unit is the least expensive access control solution on the market.

It allows either hold-to-run or mixed operation, and requires no additional accessories (cell or safety edge).

Users are individually identified. Its Web interface also provides multi-site and/or multi-equipment management, thus responding to the practical requirements of retail shops or industrial sites.

This card reader exists in either surface or flush mounted options, and adds a contemporary look to stores façades. It can withstand risk of vandalism, unlike the traditional key box.

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