Benefits of our pool fences

La Toulousaine’s pool fences: the perfect product that combines serenity and aesthetics.

La Toulousaine’s pool fences are adapted to every types of situations, whether in a public or private environment. Furthermore, and thanks to its extensive range, La Toulousaine’s pool fences enjoy an amazing versatility.

Fences will fit wonderfully into your environment, matching your very personal desires. In addition, La Toulousaine offers with its pool fences a selection of 26 different colors.


Model with bars

Guardrails consist of a frame filled with vertical bars of 15 x 25 mm spaced 95 mm between bars. Its classic style gives it the ability to naturally blend with the backdrop.


Glazed model
Mix the perfect color with your glazed balustrade and make your pool shine thanks to the several colors proposed.


Complying the stringent AFNOR NFP 90-306 standard.

Height: 1225 mm (Sealed and on platine).

Gap between the floor and the balustrade’s bottom:

  • Sealed post: 90 mm
  • Post on platine: 90 mm
  • Space between bars: 95 mm
In order to make it safer the dimensions prohibit children from crossing the balustrade. Furthermore, balustrades are made of customized elements, they also come with aluminum (an everlasting material) posts which can be spaced 2m maximum.


In accordance with the safety standards, and to make it safer, La Toulousaine's wicket doors are equipped with an automatic locking system, which needs 2 consecutive operations to get unlocked. Mandatory informations: Instructions, manufacturer’s reference, safety tips.
Also, wicket door can be delivered with aluminum posts.

La Toulousaine has passed successfully the CEBTP (French Building Standards Association) reliability tests: 1000 automatic open/close cycles. In addition, and with the will to adapt our products to everyone, the wicket door’s width gives access to people in weelchair (1100 mm passage width for 1300mm center distance, posts included).


  • An everlasting product as a result of its aluminum made out, a material that doesn’t rust
  • A long-lasting clearly visible shine thanks to the high-strength powder coating (European label QUALITYCOAT Marine Quality)
  • A way too easy maintenance that only requires soapy water
  • Due to an innovative seamless mechanical assembly, in case of choc the damaged element can be remplaced
  • Aesthetics : The model with bars is open work & Total transparency for the glazed model
  • A simple installation with interlocking panels
  • A 10-year warranty


La Toulousaine pool fences are suitable for a wide range of situations: housing, commerce, schools, services, agriculture, industrial and public facilities.