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  • Reliable and innovative products that propelled La Toulousaine a European Leader in roller shutter
  • For your security, all our roller shutters are certified and in accordance with the European standard (EN13241-1)
  • A complete product range to meet specific needs: banks, malls, warehouses, retails, industrial buildings, train stations, airports, public buildings…
  • A well-designed and well installed roller shutter thanks to our network of recommended professionals.

Dentel Grille
Delial Grille
Murax Microperforated Roller Shutter
Murax Vision Roller Shutter


Murax Protect 1627
This roller shutter fully complies with EN-1627 class CR3 standard, the best warranty against burglary.

  • Plain slat with exclusive profile, 110 mm slat width, slat thickness 12/10th
  • Reinforced end slat
  • Steel security guiding rail 80x50 mm
  • VAK security pump lock with 2 anchor points on end slat
  • Manual (according to dimensions) or motorised

Murax 110 plain
La Toulousaine best-seller product in France, the Murax 110 plain roller shutter offers the best value for money and meets the highest security requirements.

  • Solution for large openings: up to 10 m high and 13 m wide
  • Plain slat with exclusive profile, 110 mm slat width
  • Reinfored plain end slat with 125 mm slat width
  • European cylinder lock, with 2 anchoring points on the end slat
  • Wind classification up to 4 depending on dimensions
  • Combination with microperforated slats, Vison or Dentel grille


Murax Insulated
The Murax Insulated roller shutter is designed to protect your premises while bringing thermal and sound insulation. It is the best alternative to the industrial sectional door and combines the benefits of a high-speed door and a roller shutter thanks to its fast opening option.

  • Double skin slat in 4/10th galvanized steel 93.7 mm slat width
  • Rigid polyrethane injected foam insulation
  • Thermal resistance: U :3.6 W/m²K
  • RW soundproofing: -20 dB
  • Lintel sealing thanks to the brush seal
  • Fast motor option : opening speed > 0,5 m/s and closing > 0,1 m/s

Murax Ridobox
Combining security and economy, the Murax Ridobox is ideal for closing storage boxes located in a secure enclosure. Two padlocks locking is a comfort for the tenant who can ensure the security of goods but also for the owner who masters access.

  • Manual operating, pull handle
  • 2 locks Box
  • Padlock condemning (2 per lock)

AXOSITE for access control
1st button box with integrated badge reader

  • User's autonomy
  • Web platform for simplified multisite management


Murax Vision
With the Murax Vision, protect your premises while enhancing your showcase both during the day and at night. The transparency of the curtain allows aesthetic and light.

  • 100% transparent links, anti-UV treated in the mass
  • Anti-contact shoulder to prevent scratches on winding
  • Fire resistance: M2
  • Possible combination with 110 mm width plain slats

Murax 110 microperforated
It is mostly used for street shops or malls, the Murax 110 microperforated offers security as well as an openwork structure that allows enhancement of your showcase as well as air circulation.

  • 275 g/m² microperforated slats in galvanized steel with 33% perforation and 110 mm slat width
  • Micro-perforated roller shutters may be combined with plain slats of 110 mm slat width

The Dentel grille is ideal for shops wishing to offer a great visibility on their showcase.

  • Curtain : Corrugated tubes joined by special double reinfored clips
  • Reinforced plain end slat, 125 mm slat width
  • Dentel grille may be combined with plain slats of 110 mm width
  • Manual or motorised operation

The Delial galvanised steel grille is retractable and sliding. It enhance your showcase while providing a solution for spaces with reduced size.

  • Curtain in one or two, fixed or pivoting, door leaves.
  • Lock with 2 anchoring points
  • Manual operation