Dentel grille

The Dentel grille is ideal for businesses wishing to give full visibility to their shop windows.

Find out more about the Dentel grille, protect your business in style!

Dimensional data

  • Largeur(1) : de 750 à 12 100 mm
  • Hauteur(2) : de 800 à 8 000 mm
  • Pour toutes autres dimensions, sur consultation


  • Corrugated tubes of 14 mm diameter in galvanised steel, 275 g/m², joined by special double reinforced galvanised steel clips

Rolling slats

  • 3 * 275 g/m² plain slats in galvanised steel, 110 mm slat width

End slat

  • 275 g/m² reinforced plain slat in galvanised steel, 125 mm slat width
  • Thickness 20/10th


  • It is possible to combine Dentel grilles with Murax 110 plain shutters


  • European cylinder lock with two anchoring points, and a safety guard integrated in the end slat


  • Manuelle (selon dimensions)
  • Motorisée avec possibilité de fonctionnement par pression maintenue, mixte, impulsion ou automatique

End slat finish