MiniMax, the burglary-free (A2P certified) Roller Shutter


The MiniMax is the best solution ever proposed to secure residential, commercial and industrial buildings. With its reduced space top shaft cover, the MiniMax roller shutter has been designed to offer safety, comfort of use, nice looking and savings.

Secure your property and/or your professional premises

The MiniMax has been designed as an anti-burglary equipment. It has undergone with success all the testing procedures of the French standards A2P Level 2 (out of 3 levels) for security devices. The A2P R2 certifies that a security product will not be trespassed by a burglar with an extensive knowledge of security product. 

It boasts steel slats, an automated as well as an in-built locking system when closed (not protruding lock). Its simplicity of conception combined with best material and production methods ensures reliability and relax life. It is also compatible with the home automation system Calyps’Home and will allow for remote opening and closing of your roller shutters.

The Minimax will be your best choice if you want to secure a residential garage for instance or a commercial premise.

The MiniMax adapts to your needs

The MIniMax has also undergone the European Standard EN 13241 A2 with success. Minimax can then let access to goods and persons safely.

Possible applications:

  • Shops
  • Houses
  • School premises
  • Office buildings
  • Malls

The MiniMax roller shutter combines comfort of operation and aesthetic

Easy to use:

  • Larger bay due to reduced space top shaft cover
  • Self in-built closing system
  • Low noise operation
  • Better light diffusion through the bay obtained with the slanted top shaft cover
  • Exterior, interior and remote motor disengagement

A nice-looking roller shutter:

  • 47mm pitch slats
  • Invisible motorization
  • Lacquered white aluminium guiding rails as standard
  • A multiple choice of colors

100% French product

The Minimax is a 100% French product, designed and manufactured by La Toulousaine in Toulouse, France.