Murax 47 with Small Slats

Le rideau Murax 47 ou petites lames est particulièrement adapté aux bureaux ou magasins grâce à ses cotes d’encombrement réduites.

Find out about Murax 47 roller shutters with high security steel blades !

Dimensional data

  • Width(1): From 800 to 4,000 mm
  • Height(2): From 700 to 3,000 mm
  • Maximum area: 9 m²
  • All other dimensions on request


  • 275 g/m² plain slats with exclusive galvanised steel profile, 47 mm slat width
  • Slat thickness: 6/10th

End slat

  • 275 g/m² plain slat in galvanised steel, same finish as the curtain, with 88 mm slat width
  • Thickness 15/10th


  • Lock with round cylinder and 2 anchoring points
  • Locks

Wind classification

  • Class 2


  • Manual (according to dimensions)
  • Winch (according to dimensions)
  • Operated with possibility of hold-to-run, one pulse (open/close), automatic or combined operation

Curtain finish