Murax Insulated

The Murax Insulated roller shutter is designed to protect your premises while providing thermal insulation and soundproofing. With reduced pockets, it provides an alternative to sectional doors.

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Dimensional data

  • Width: From 1,100 to 8,220 mm
  • Height: From 800 to 8,000 mm
    with a maximum weight of 810 kg
  • All other dimensions on request


  • Double skin slat in 4/10th galvanised steel
  • 93.7 mm pitch
  • Rigid polyurethane injected foam insulation
  • Thermal resistance: U: 3.6 W/m2K
  • RW Soundproofing: - 20 dB
  • Option: “Strong wind” hooks

End slat

  • Aluminium slat without lock and with rubber seal

Wind classification

  • Up to Class 4 depending on dimensions and options


  • Operated with possibility of hold-to-run, one pulse (open/close), automatic or combined operation

Curtain finish