Murax Protect 1627

Our Murax Protect 1627 shutter meets all the requirements of EN 1627 security standard, CR3 class. Through static, dynamic, and manual testing, this standard has demonstrated that our products are resistant to attempted break-ins.

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Test performed on a shutter

  • Width: 1,330 mm
  • Height: 1,610 mm


  • 275 g/m² plain slats with exclusive galvanised steel profile, 110 mm slat width
  • Slat thickness 12/10th
  • Safety tips

End slat

  • 275 g/m²reinforced plain slat in galvanised steel, same finish as the curtain, with 125 mm slat width
  • Reinforcement angle of 50 x 25 mm in 28/10th in galvanised steel of 275 g/m2
  • Thickness 20/10th

G80 slide

  • Security guiding rails of 80 X 50 mm in galvanised steel, thickness: 3 mm
  • Fixing feet in galvanised steel welded on guiding rails, thickness: 10 mm
  • Option: RAL thermal powder coating colours


  • VAK pick-proof lock with two anchoring points on the end slat
  • Reinforced rods and rod slides
  • Option: Floor anchor bracket

Wind classification

  • Up to 4 according to dimensions and options, class 5 on request


  • Manuelle (selon dimensions)
  • Motorisée avec possibilité de fonctionnement par pression maintenue, mixte, impulsion ou automatique