Murax Ridobox

Murax Ridobox is ideal for closing storage units located in secured grounds. Aside from cutting costs, external double locking with a padlock allows the operator to control access

Find out about Murax Ridobox shutters for storage buildings

Four dimensions

  • W 1000 mm x H 2000 mm
  • W 1500 mm x H 2000 mm
  • W 2000 mm x H 2000 mm
  • W 2500 mm x H 3000 mm


  • 275 g/m² plain slats with exclusive galvanised steel profile, 110 mm slat width
  • 2 slat thicknesses available (6/10th and 8/10th) according to dimensions, curtain type or specific requirements
  • Options: noise-reduction clips

End slat

  • 275 g/m²reinforced plain slat in galvanised steel, same finish as the curtain, with 125 mm slat width
  • Thickness is 20/10th in galvanised, 15/10th in pre-coated
  • 2 reinforced stops in 40/10th galvanised steel
  • Pull handle in chrome steel


  • 2 lock boxes
  • Locking with padlock (2 per lock)

Wind classification

  • Up to Class 3 depending on dimensions


  • Manual

Curtain finish