Murax Vision

The Murax Vision roller shutter is designed to bring safety to your premises while enhancing style and increasing light, both day and night.
The curtain's transparency gives your shop window full visibility.

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Dimensional data

  • Width(1): From 750 to 8,200 mm
  • Height(2): From 800 to 5,000 mm
  • All other dimensions on request


  • 100% transparent links, anti-UV treated in the mass, staggered and assembled with 16 mm diameter anodised aluminium tubes.
  • Anti-contact shoulder to prevent scratches on winding
  • Fire resistance: M2
  • Dimensions of links: 360 x 85 mm

Rolling slats

  • 3 * 275 g/m² plain slats in galvanised steel, 110 mm slat width

End slat

  • 275 g/m² reinforced plain slat in galvanised steel, 125 mm slat width
  • Thickness is 20/10th in galvanised, 15/10th in prepainted


  • Possibility of combining Vision roller shutters with Murax 110 plain roller shutters


  • Manual (according to dimensions)
  • Operated with possibility of hold-to-run, one pulse (open/close), automatic or combined operation


  • European cylinder lock, with 2 anchoring points on the end slat

End slat and roller slats finish