Roller Garage Door

Looking to save space in your garage?
Coosing a roller garage door enables you to free up space on the walls and the ceiling!

Security and safety first

Because safety is essential, our roller garage doors come standard equipped with the following systems:

  • An anti-drop safety device that prevents the door from closing when it is open
  • An anti-crushing safety device that forces the door to stop closing if it finds an obstacle
  • An outside anti-lifting system: once the garage door has been locked, it cannot be lifted from the outside
  • Emergency operating system with swing rod in case of power outage

Minimal Footprint

The roller door does not take over the ceiling space. It enables a wide range of spatial configurations and is fully adapted to garages with side doors or windows, or even ceiling supports.

A garage door in your favourite colours

Available in 9 colours, your aluminium roller garage door can be made to match your roller shutters or your gate and fencing.

A few examples of applications

Enjoy all the advantages of a La Toulousaine roller garage door:

  • The first roller garage door to receive NF certification
  • Insulation guaranteed with sandwich slats in coated aluminium
  • Integrated opening mechanism
  • Enhanced safety with anti-drop and anti-crushing features

Your bespoke garage door for the best value

La Toulousaine manufactures a roller door that adapts perfectly to the dimensions of your garage. It guarantees a hassle-free installation and absolute insulation.


Your automatic garage door

All our roller doors are equipped with an electric automatic opening mechanism. The mechanism can be controlled via remote control, switch,lock box or even with your smartphone.

Components for your roller garage door

Standard components

  • Aluminium guiding rail with brush seal to limit airflow and ensure quiet operation
  • Shaped (oblique) canopy box in aluminium, with same powder coating to match the colour of your door
  • Anti-crushing safety feature
  • Anti-drop safety feature
  • Emergency repair operation
  • Outside anti-lifting feature
  • Automatic opening mechanism with offset box and remote control accessories

Optional components

  • Slats with Portholes
  • Ventilation slats
  • Flashing light and mandatory photoelectric cell option for garage doors adjacent to public roads, see Standards EN 13241-1
  • Photoelectric cells

Remote control accessories

Standard one pulse (open/close)

  • Anti-crushing safety unit
  • Control unit
  • 2 remote controls 4 channels
Standard hold-to-run
  • Reverser with key

Installation Options

The La Toulousaine roller door can be integrated into all configurations of garage

Indoor face fixed

Installed under ceiling

Installed under lintel

Outdoor face fixed