Standards and warranties


For your own safety and the safety of your children, all our garage doors comply with European standard EN 13241 + A2.


Residential sectional doors and winding garage doors sold by La Toulousaine from April 24, 2015 are covered by the contractual warranty below.

1 - Duration
La Toulousaine guarantees its products for five years from the date of shipment.

2 - Extent
At the discretion of La Toulousaine, this warranty covers the repair or replacement of parts recognised as defective within the limits of one of the exclusions defined below.
When this warranty is activated during the initial five-year period, replacement parts are only guaranteed until the original five-year expiry date.
Accessories and operator mechanisms are guaranteed in accordance with the manufacturer’s terms and conditions.

3 - Exclusion
This warranty only covers the repair or replacement of parts recognised as defective by La Toulousaine following an inspection, excluding any participation in any other damage of any kind.
The warranty does not cover the following in particular:

  • expenses incurred in removing, disassembling or re-installing products,
  • damage due to:
    • normal wear and damage to consumables (batteries, bulbs, cables, rubber seals, etc.),
    • failure to comply with La Toulousaine's standards, instructions or best practices when installing or using products,
    • using products in a manner inconsistent with their intended purpose (even on a temporary basis,
    • poor storage conditions,
    • any hazard related to poor installation or misuse prior to project hand-over (knocks and scratches, etc.).
    • exceptional weather events:
      • wind exceeding the relevant class of the door,
      • lightning, frost.
    • the use of non-compatible parts (control boxes or automated equipment, for example),
    • external influences such as fire, water, salt, alkaline and acid, abnormal environmental conditions, various types of splashes and force majeure events,
    • negligence or poor / lack of maintenance (the maintenance booklet must be submitted for inspection).
  • modifications made to products,
  • products located within 500 m of a waterfront or within 50 m of an aggressive atmosphere,
  • defects or imperfections that are not visible at a distance of 1.5 m during a 10-second inspection with normal vision under significant lighting (in accordance with ADAL),
  • maintenance costs,
  • non-compliance of products with the commercial documentation, which are non-contractual documents,
  • Any consequential or non-consequential material or immaterial damage resulting from a product defect.

4 - Terms

The warranty must be activated by registered letter with return receipt, together with a copy of the original invoice.
The warranty is only admissible if the buyer has fulfilled his or her financial obligations.
Defective parts must be returned to the following address (non-refundable, prepaid carriage):

By post:
FTFM La Toulousaine
Route de Toulouse 
31676 LABEGE CEDEX (France)

By carrier:
FTFM La Toulousaine
Route de Toulouse
31750 ESCALQUENS (France)

The cost and risk of returning parts that have been repaired or replaced by La Toulousaine under the warranty is covered by La Toulousaine.

1st January, 2017 - La Toulousaine